Application Process

Submissions for the scholarships are invited in the summer and a written application is initially required.

An assessment panel will review all submissions and draw up a short list of applicants who will be invited to attend an interview. The interviews are undertaken by a panel in the autumn, normally at the Innholders’ Hall in London. The scholarships are awarded immediately following the interviews for courses being offered in the next year.

Applicants must be currently employed in the UK hospitality industry – most applicants will be working in hotels, but applications are also welcomed from people working in related businesses such as conference centres and restaurants. Applicants should not have any immediate plans to work outside the UK as this would result in the cancellation of a course, even if the individual concerned has already been allocated a course. Applications from people working in contract catering, the armed forces or the public sector are unlikely to be considered.
Applicants must discuss their intention to apply for a scholarship with their employer. The employer should endorse the submission to make it clear the application has their full support and that, should the applicant be successful, they will be given time off to attend the relevant course.

Successful scholars will be required to produce an evaluation of the course attended shortly after its completion.


Reasons for Applying

Many more applications are received than the scholarship places available. In order for applicants to improve their chances of being invited for an interview, they need to promote themselves well. The assessment panel needs to understand a candidate’s motivation in applying for a scholarship.