Exclusive Collection Reveals Stunning Technogym Upgrade At Pennyhill Park

Pennyhill Park, Exclusive Collection’s flagship property, has reopened after a state-of-the-art refurbishment which includes a complete upgrade of the gym. Managing Director Danny Pecorelli explains how a long-standing partnership with Technogym continues to help this experience-led brand innovate.

“As an English/Italian family business, we are serious about aesthetics, design, and loyalty,” says Danny. “Technogym are truly the perfect partners for us. We were delighted to have their help with the recent refurbishment of Pennyhill Park.”

Creating uniquely different experiences across six venues

“It is very important that our visitors feel a sense of brand consistency whilst being able to choose from such different experiences at our properties,” says Danny. “Our partnership with Technogym plays a key role in offering that recognisable connection.”

Pennyhill Park was the first property in Exclusive Collection’s portfolio, and retains a special place in the family’s heart.

“When we made the decision to build a spa at Pennyhill Park 20 years ago, we were ahead of the curve,” explains Danny. “We continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what visitors can expect in terms of memorable and unique experiences.”

Giving members the leisure experience they want

Pennyhill Park is set in 120 acres of Surrey parkland and welcomes leisure guests, weddings, spa break visitors, honeymooners and people looking for a special getaway.

The team used lockdown as an opportunity to upgrade the gym, some members’ areas, and the spa’s thermal sequencing to offer an enhanced luxury experience that shows members they are being listened to.

“We do ask questions, and this gym upgrade is our answer,” Danny says. “We don’t want members to ever have to wait for equipment or feel their workouts are compromised in any way. We have put in extra treadmills in at Pennyhill Park because we know that will make a huge difference. Cycling is really popular in this area, so we installed Technogym Bike to cater for the keen outdoor cyclists who train here.”

Creating a tailored gym experience

Pennyhill Park’s gym has a large indoor studio and expansive gym floor that is used for small group classes. As Danny explains, Exclusive Collection’s members and visitors are tech-hungry and enjoy a high level of connectivity from equipment.

“Technogym helped us design a mix of equipment that suits our members’ needs,” he says. “The newest equipment has a fantastic level of technology and functionality. We also expanded our free weights collection and added a Skillrun which we can incorporate in our classes. We particularly like the care that has gone into the design of the Skillrun.”

Equipment partners that understand long-term vision

Exclusive Collection have partnered with Technogym throughout their 20 year history across all six venues.

“Technogym are a valued partner and always offer new ways to innovate on our vision of an experiential offer,” says Danny. “The equipment is the best on the market, and helps us create a recognisable aesthetic that ties in across all our properties.”

Exclusive Collection also make good use of the Mywellness digital solutions, helping members receive a seamless experience across venues.

“Digital solutions help us show members that they are part of the group,” Danny says. “They will be recognised and welcomed as members at any of our properties.

“We use the Mywellness app to keep everything from onboarding to booking on one simple platform, and our members can use their Technogym Key at any of our sites to quickly set up their programme without interruption.”

Exclusive Collection used Mywellness Live & On-Demand digital streamed content to keep members and staff active and engaged whilst venues were closed. They will continue to offer Live & On-Demand content now venues have reopened.

A positive future for the hospitality sector

Exclusive Collection is looking forward to a busy Summer, offering outdoor experiences and stunning countryside breaks to post-lockdown consumers.

“People want fresh air and the freedom of outdoor experiences,” says Danny. “UK hospitality is in a strong position to offer consumers a welcome break without overseas travel.”

“We have incorporated the outdoors into so many of our offerings, including fitness classes, and it’s important to recognise the changing needs of consumers.

“People are more focused on health and fitness now and seem to be prioritising it as self-care. If hotels and leisure venues remain flexible in offering new experiences that match this shift in values, I think the sector has a strong future ahead of it. At Exclusive Collection we plan to do exactly that.”