Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park expands its wellness reach and launches In-Room Wellness with Technogym

English elegance at its very best, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is a part of an award-winning operators’ group. Boasting luxury and sophistication, the hotelier is known for its unique design aesthetics, opulence rooms and suites, renowned dining experiences, breath-takings views of the Royal Park and Hyde Park and world-class facilities including a spa and gym which makes it the ideal escapism when it comes to getting away.

Luxury hotel brand Mandarin Oriental is proud of its established wellness pillars. As part of its pledge to provide “wellness everywhere”, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park has developed a personalised in-room offer to expand its reach throughout the property.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park reopened in 2019 following an which saw its spa, treatment rooms and wellness facilities reimagined by award-winning architects and designers. The new wellness hub offers advanced equipment, expert specialists and a mix of practitioners. The hotel’s fitness area features one of the largest indoor pools in London and a quality, design-lead fitness facility which includes state-of-the-art Technogym solutions.

Creating a bespoke in-room wellness offer

The brand knew that guests wanted to access fitness and wellbeing from their rooms, and this matched the brand’s own pledge to provide wellness everywhere.

Jamie Pagan, Director of Spa and Wellness at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park explained how, at the beginning of the year, guests increased their requests to support their wellbeing during the stay, that’s why at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park you can now find a bespoke in-room Wellness Offer.

Taking wellness into the hotel’s bedrooms by creating a bespoke personalised experience was a natural step. As a partner of choice across the Mandarin Oriental portfolio, Technogym were delighted to support the Hyde Park team with their in-room wellness package.

A unique guest experience with Technogym solutions

Mandarin Oriental’s in-room offer allows guests to request spa experiences, healthy menu items, and fitness equipment to their room. The Covid pandemic highlighted the need for private, personal wellness solutions, and in-room wellness is now part of the hotel’s main offer.

Technogym has provided Mandarin Oriental with innovative products featuring unique design and entertainment solutions to meet the training need and aspirations of all guests. The space-saving design, luxe aesthetics, and state-of-the-art connectivity of the Technogym equipment helps create a unique guest experience.

The hotel’s in-room wellness offer incorporates Technogym Bike, Technogym Bench, Technogym Case, and Technogym MyRun as well as a range of dumbbells, kettlebells and other fitness equipment.

Technogym Bike is an industry-leading product, with incredible connectivity and online classes, making it a superb addition to in-room wellness as it gives our guests a variety of motivational and quality classes they can do in private, whilst still achieving their fitness goals”.

Technogym Bike is a professional product, which allows guests to train at home with the same quality they would find at the gym.
With Technogym Bike, guests can choose their favourite training experience from a wide variety of live and on-demand workouts and enjoy their favourite entertainment content. In fact, the new Technogym Bike console allow them to access their favourite options (Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, social media, news and games) or stream their personal content from their devices.

Within the room, guests can also train with Technogym Bench, the all-in-one station for functional training that offers endless training opportunities, designed to combine the greatest variety of exercises with the smallest possible footprint.

Technogym Bench is compact and practical for in-room use: with over 200 exercise options, it allows the possibility to combine weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat to empower guests to perform endless exercises ensuring various and effective total body workouts.

Compact and easy to move, this is the perfect solution for any environment.
Moreover, the QR code function means guests can get the most out of this adaptable bit of kit without needing to be in the gym.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park guests can also ask for a Technogym Case alongside all other in-room wellness offering to be brought to their room, by booking online via the website landing page, calling down to reception or booking on arrival, its 30 litre capacity giving plenty of scope for fitness and stretching equipment and its QR code giving guests access to quality training content.

Guests who want a treadmill in their room can request a Technogym MyRun for in-room wellness, thanks to its small footprint and compact design.

The thoughtful design of Technogym equipment means our in-room wellness offer isn’t restricted to suites,” explained Jamie, “and this helps us with our vision of expanding wellness to as many touchpoints as possible."

Partnering with wellness expertise

By developing a full in-room wellness offer, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park are able to promote fitness in all bedrooms throughout the property and offer this at the point of booking.

With Technogym’s support, the brand has created a customer-led experience with equipment and digital connectivity that meets the needs of overnight visitors, regulars, and long-term residents.

Technogym’s expertise, continuous research and collaborations with numerous hotel associations allow the company to offer a total wellness solution made up of technology, design, products, services, contents and applications for involving guests in an all-round wellness experience, following the client's needs.

Technogym are a premium supplier and we can trust that their equipment will be aesthetic, design-led, and advanced in its functionality,” said Jamie. “It’s a brand our customers trust because they have seen it in high-end locations around the world.

Jamie is certain the pivot to self-care in physical and mental wellbeing in the hotel industry is here to stay.

As hotel brands, we have a critical role to play in this and we must take it seriously,” he said. “Wellbeing everywhere has to be part of creating appropriate services. People are looking for a reason to travel, and like in-room wellness can be part of a compelling experience.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is dedicated to offering guest-led experiences, and has plans to create a new movement studio and outdoor fitness offers as part of its pledge to make wellness accessible at every touchpoint for Mandarin Oriental guests.