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About the Master Innholders

The Master Innholders is a well-respected, prestigious force within the hotel industry – an elite corps which is publicly recognised as a standard bearer for the industry.

It aims to influence standards and extend professionalism within the industry; to promote consideration, study, discussion and research in the areas affecting hotel management including management development, training, education and recruitment.

The award of Master Innholder is open to senior hotel managers by application each year. Candidates have to submit an essay on a given management subject, as well as undergoing a rigorous interview where they have to clearly demonstrate not only their hotel management ability, but also continuing support for improving standards within the industry.

With the full support of the Worshipful Company of Innholders and the Institute of Hospitality, the Master Innholders have slowly grown in number and have increased their influence and charitable activities within the hotel industry.

There are over 140 Master Innholders, all of whom are, or have been, prominent hoteliers, dedicated and committed to promoting best practice in the industry.

The Master Innholders are involved in many industry bodies and initiatives; indeed, this is one of the strengths of the organisation. Members sit on senior councils and committees of virtually every hospitality industry body, often as chairmen or presidents. This is no accident, as it is a requirement of membership that Master Innholders remain committed to continue working to improve the industry through involvement in its various bodies.

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