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Master Innholders has partnered with the Institute of Hospitality to allow hotelier professionals who are members at any level of the Institute to be able to subscribe to the Institute of Hospitality’s world-class mentoring programme, ‘Mentor Me’.  

The Mentor Me programme is the leading global provider of outstanding quality and career development within the hospitality profession, with a reputation as an international best-in-class programme.

What is Mentor Me and how to apply

Mentor Me is mentoring with a difference. It focuses on career growth and development for both experienced and new hospitality managers.

Global student members, apprentice members and Associates (AIH) are matched with experienced Members (MIH) and Fellows (FIH) to undertake guided learning on topical industry issues along as taking part in monthly meetings.

If you can commit to taking part in a virtual one-to-one meeting per month, for a six-month period and you are keen to undertake professional development, as well as supporting a colleague, then Mentor Me could be for you!

The programme aims to match students, apprentices and entry-level talent to leading global professionals to develop future hospitality talent. The mentoring looks to support mentees in networking, emotional intelligence, leadership, public speaking, teamwork, business skills, and reverse mentoring.

The IoH Mentoring programme, which was first launched in 2014 and upgraded and expanded in 2021, has been instrumental in assisting mentors and mentees achieve their career goals. As a key benefit of IoH membership, it has already helped over 350 mentoring pairs to date.

To find out more about the IoH mentoring programme, please follow the link here.