“My experience during the Master Innholders Diploma was one of the best learning experiences I have had in my life. We learnt about finance, marketing and other important tools that will help us succeed in our roles, however the most valuable learning was with the fellow colleagues in our Cohort and the numerous valuable experiences shared by the different general managers and Hoteliers that we met throughout the course as well as Hilary Cooke and her extensive knowledge and passion for what she does.

“I would recommend this experience to anyone that would like to work on their personal development, meet friends for life and all this while having an excellent time and exploring different hotels around the UK.”

Jennifer Taylor, Front Office Manager, The Savoy


“Having first heard about the course through my General Manager at the time Andrew Foulkes, I knew I had to immediately apply. Doing this, I believe, is the single best decision I have made in my professional career. The opportunities that this course opens up for you are endless. As a group we have had the opportunity to see how different hotels operate, to meet some of the finest minds and personalities in our industry and learn from some of the most forward-thinking leaders we have.

“The way in which the course is taught and led by Dr Hilary Cooke is unique. You will come out of the other end having learnt operational practices and theoretical management studies that you can put into practise, but most of all you will learn about who you are as a person and a hospitality professional. It will be hard work, but you will have 18 friends and colleagues all going through the exact same process to lean on, your cohort become invaluable during this time and that will continue long after the course finishes.

“I came out of this course with a group of 18 lifelong friends, who I speak to on a near daily basis still and will continue to do so, exchanging practises and asking for and offering advice. “

Damien Martin, Operations Manager at Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa


“Being part of the Master Innholders Aspiring Leaders Diploma has brought my career potential to the next level. Not only have we had the chance to experience some wonderful properties and see how other exemplary businesses run, we have also had the chance to meet a number of very respected leaders from our industry. They have taken the time to come speak to us and dine with us, sharing their knowledge and experience with the group. Also, in our cohort, the variety of business we represent gives food for interesting discussions and the sharing of perspectives and ideas.

“Last but not least, the theoretical aspect of the course has provided further insight into a wide variety of topics such as marketing, finance and the evolution of various management and leadership theories. Because we have a relatively small group and get exposed to various tests and exercises as well, I really feel I have learned more about myself and how I can flex to be a better leader for the people I work with.

“It has been a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

Jill van Rest, Operations Manager 


“The MIALD has been without a doubt, the most enriching and empowering professional experience that I have ever had the opportunity to partake. It was exactly the type of springboard that I was looking to find in order to progress my career and make that very important jump from operational management into leadership. The lessons learned over the year long programme, as well as the multitude of friendships and professional connections developed during the course, have been vital for my continued growth, both on a professional as well as on a personal level.

“Thanks to MIALD I’ve got to discover Hospitality Action and been a strong supporter ever since, taking part in different of their cycling charitable events, aimed at raising funds for the people in our industry who have fallen on hard times.

“I learned a lot about myself, and that is ok to show vulnerability and that there are some great people out there ready to support you when needed and help you when the game gets tough.

“After graduating from the program last year, I had one of my most successful professional years to date. I was shortlisted for a Hotel Catey’s as Front of House Manager of the year, promoted from an operational manager into a leadership role, awarded Leader of the year for 45 Park Lane, completed the 100 miles Prudential Ride London for Hospitality Action (under a torrential rain), learned invaluable skills in mentoring new hotel recruits and another fellow MIALD from Cohort 7, as well as re-lighting that passion for probably the most fantastic industry out there, hospitality!

“I’m no longer a Front of House Manager, or whatever title people will give me, after MIALD I became a hotelier and I’m ever so proud of this.”

Raul Deflorian, Front of House Manager at 45 Park Lane


“It has been hugely beneficial to visit some amazing venues and meet influential, experienced hoteliers and hospitality professionals. For me personally, the most beneficial element is learning alongside my peers as we are all in similar positions at our own properties, ideas and ways to problem solve are shared amongst the cohort. 

“The content of the course and delivery of the lectures are also important as I find myself being able to apply what I learn in class into my work environment. I also find encouragement from the course to provide feedback for each lecture as they are always looking to improve, this mentality as also influenced me in a positive way.”

James Brackley, Restaurant Manager at South Lodge Hotel

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