Reasons to join

Application to become a Master Innholder

Practising hoteliers from both the independent and group sectors are now invited to apply for membership of the Master Innholders. Applications are sought from recognised leaders in hotel management whether as a successful general manager, managing director, chief executive or proprietor. Applicants must also demonstrate a minimum experience of five years in significant hotel general management during their career to date, as a general manager or hotel manager of hotels of standing. Applicants must be based in the UK and are likely to be members of the Institute of
Hospitality, or other professional bodies. They are also expected to be making a significant contribution to the work of industry organisations and/or industry training and education initiatives at local, regional or national level.

Applications should be made via email using the form, accompanied by a CV and a recent colour photograph. The applicant is also required to submit a paper (around 1500 words).

The primary objective of a Master Innholder is to establish and maintain the highest standards of hotel management. Describe how you are already participating across the industry to advance education, professional development and support hospitality organisations and suggest how this contribution would be enhanced by becoming a Master Innholder.

In preparing their paper, applicants are encouraged to express their personal philosophy and opinions, and to describe their management style. The CV should include evidence of active involvement in industry organisations (such as membership on committees), other activities in support of the industry
and the careers of young people.

Applicants are also strongly encouraged to discuss their application and suitability for membership with an existing Master Innholder. Furthermore, the application should be supported by a letter of endorsement from a Master Innholder.

Applications will open November 2018.