St Julians Scholars Our courses

Candidates attend one of two world-leading universities with the entire cost of tuition, board and lodging included.

Submissions for the scholarships are invited in the summer and a written application is initially required.

You are given the opportunity to select your preferred course however this is not always guaranteed, and an alternative may be offered.

Talent Development Programme

Talent Development Programme at Cranfield University, Buckinghamshire, UK

Overview of the Programme
A 12-day residential programme in March, June or November.

The Talent Development Programme will challenge participants to develop greater managerial visibility, credibility and maturity, raise their own organisational leadership, capability and influence, as well as add managerial value without formal authority and power.

This programme develops fast-track managers early in their careers, enabling them to make a wider, more credible business contribution.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Make the transition from an operational into a managerial role
  • Develop a wider perspective on management and business
  • Become better informed about management thinking
  • Understand the politics and social dynamics of organisations
  • Create competitive strategy
  • Learn effective marketing management
  • Understand finance and management accounting
  • Improve operations and supply chain management
  • Improve strategic management of people
  • Challenge the status quo in constructive ways
  • Create change through good practice
  • Improve knowledge
  • Manage politics
  • Become an effective leader and inspire teams
  • Differentiate between good and bad managerial practice

The General Managers Programme

The General Managers Programme at Cornell University, New York, USA

Overview of the Programme
A 10-day residential programme in January and June.

The General Managers Programme takes on strategic property-level issues with depth and precision, while challenging participants to learn from a new network of colleagues who bring a worldwide perspective to the table.

The programme is designed to mould decision-makers into strategic thinkers.

Specific areas of focus in the Programme

  • Creating competitive advantage through analysis and strategy
  • Understanding hotel asset management and contracts
  • Creating a culture of leadership and planning for future success
  • Using financial management to create value
  • Strategic marketing and building relationships
  • Developing and implementing a change process
  • Using demand management to improve results
  • The roles of motivation and ethics in leadership
  • Strategic utilisation of human resources