A Sparkling Journey: A Visit to Taittinger, Reims

In the heart of France's Champagne region, an extraordinary adventure unfolded for nine Master Innholders and St Julian Scholars.

This year’s educational visit to Taittinger, Reims promised hoteliers a specialised program designed to offer a unique and immersive experience to learn about the art of champagne-making and the rich history and traditions of the Taittinger brand.

Organised by the House of Taittinger, the educational visit included an exclusive guided tour of Taittinger's vineyards, cellars, and production facilities with certified wine-maker Quentin Dupla. Hoteliers got to witness firsthand the various stages of champagne production, from the cultivation of grapes in the vineyards to the blending and aging processes in the cellars.

An excellent lunch followed, where gastronomic delights were paired with Taittinger's finest creations, creating a culinary experience like no other. The day concluded with a visit to the majestic Reims Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece that stood as a testament to the city's rich history.

Throughout the trip, the group was hosted by professional winemakers and brand ambassadors, Kevin McKee from Family Taittinger and Hatch Mansfield’s brand ambassador, Olivier Gasselin. Joining the festivities was Jean-Pierre Redont, Secretary General of Prix Culinaire International Le Taittinger, adding a touch of culinary prestige to the occasion.

Executive Secretary of the Master Innholders, Wallace Vincent, said “The Taittinger Educational Visit is a remarkable and enriching experience that allows participants to discover the magic behind one of the most esteemed champagne houses in the world, fostering a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating Taittinger's iconic bubbly beverages.”

Among the fortunate guests were:

  • Alessandro Passaglia, Aviator Hotel Farnborough
  • Steven Carleshi, Rufflets St Andrews
  • Shallun Antao, Nobu London
  • Tonicha Baldock, The Torridon
  • Niraj Rai, Pennyhill Park and Spa
  • Keiran Hill, Congham Hall
  • Cornel Tintaru, The Athenaeum London
  • Anne Wiedmer, Hilton London Bankside
  • Melissa Stannard, Milsoms Hotels & Restaurants

As the adventure came to an end, the memories created during this extraordinary visit to Taittinger in Reims created a lasting bond between the attendees and the world of champagne excellence.