Hoteliers’ Charter reaches 500-hotelier milestone

More than 500 UK hotels are now signed up to the Hoteliers’ Charter. Home Grown Hotels, Northcote, IHG Hotels and Iconic Luxury Hotels are among the Charter Hoteliers signed up to the organisation’s 10-point pledge.

Established in February 2021, the Hoteliers’ Charter exists to raise the profile of the hospitality industry and promote hospitality as a profession of choice to parents, schools, colleges, universities, and careers influencers.

Signing up to the Charter sees progressive hoteliers and businesses collectively make a commitment to providing a workplace environment built on the foundations of respect, fairness, equality, diversity and opportunity; and to placing colleagues’ wellness and career development at the heart of their operations. In addition, those signing up for the charter agree to support industry charities, drive environmentally sustainable businesses and advocate diversity, inclusion and equality. Once approved, Charter Hoteliers are also given access to the network area where they can connect with regional communities.  

On reaching this milestone Sally Beck FIH MI, general manager of the Royal Lancaster London and founder of the Hoteliers’ Charter, said: “Since its inception, the Hoteliers’ Charter has been working towards a more conscious, caring and collaborative industry to educate, inspire and sustain the next generation of talent. To have more than 500 Charter Hotelier’s working to support this goal is brilliant.”

Over the next 12 months Charter Hoteliers, Charter Champions, supporters and the industry-leading board members will continue to showcase the incredible opportunities hotels and the hospitality industry has to offer and anticipate getting to 1000+ hotels across the UK.

The Hoteliers’ Charter is championed by industry bodies and organisations such as UKHospitality, the Master Innholders, St Julian’s Scholars, Institute of Hospitality, PACE, AA, Springboard and Scottish Tourism Alliance.

For more information on the Hoteliers’ Charter and how you can sign up to the pledge, visit