Master Innholders among winners in the Boutique Hotelier Power List 2023

Tej Walia FIH MI, Francisco Macedo FIH MI, Oliver Brown FIH MI and Jessica Counsell have all been honoured as part of Boutique Hotelier’s 2023 Hotelier Power List.

The annual list highlights the remarkable individuals within the hotel industry that have showcased a unique ability to seize opportunities and overcome challenges to help position their hotels as some of the best in the UK. From redefining luxury, harnessing innovation to elevating the guest experience to new heights, all those included have demonstrated the skills required to both shape and transform the boutique hotel landscape in 2023 and beyond.

Winners are chosen and categorised into five separate categories, each with their own set of criteria.  Industry Titans, those that have positioned themselves as both a leader and forward thinkers within the industry, were awarded to 12 individuals, including Tej Walia FIH MI and Francisco Macedo FIH MI.

The remaining categories included Business Leaders and Market Marvels.

Congratulations to our winning Master Innholders and all the other exceptional talent that made the list.

For more information to and to view the full list of winners, visit the Boutique Hotelier Power List 2023.