Maximising The Wellness Opportunity Within Hotelier Industries

With the Hotel Leadership Conference 2022 Bolder, Braver, Better soon approaching we talk to Kieran Tracey, UK Hospitality & Residential Sales Director at Technogym about how creating a great synergy in strengthening and spreading the awareness around the wellness and fitness opportunities is going to be hugely valuable and beneficial to the hospitality sector.     

Valuable Insight & Forward-Thinking  

“Consumers are clued-up on what makes for a memorable experience. When you combine this expectation with the shift in consumer values towards health and wellness, it’s clear that hotels need to deliver experiences that have depth and consistency.”

Stats from the 2021 Global Wellness Summit tell us that wellness tourism is expected to grow 7.5% annually over the next five years, with travellers across demographics prioritising hotels that offer personalised, interactive, and varied fitness services. With health-conscious travellers already spending 130% more than others, this growth represents immense opportunity for the sector.

40% of all business travellers use hotel gyms, and there is growing demand for fitness and wellbeing experiences outside that traditional setting. For example, over 50% of female travellers would like the opportunity to work out in their hotel room.

These figures are important for the future of the sector, too, with 80% of millennials naming fitness a key feature when travelling, and 77% of those in favour of an interactive experience.

What does this mean for forward-thinking hotel brands?

Quality of the Wellness Journey

“When we think about the varied types of leisure and entertainment experiences guests will enjoy on their travels, we can appreciate the importance of replicating that quality in hotel wellness offers. Think about how you add value to a guest’s wellness from the point of booking to the time they arrive back home.”

Covid has accelerated the public’s interest in outdoor fitness and content-driven wellness. Brands must consider how they can provide that depth and breadth of fitness offers throughout the property (and outdoors).

“We have seen rural and city-centre hotels really thinking outside the box to maximise the space they have available. You may not have a large gym floor, but could you offer outdoor bootcamps, running programmes, in-room services, or interactive support through digital channels? A fresh approach to your wellness offer will mean you attract a wider variety of customers.”

Creating Bespoke Services  

Technogym is the world leading expert in wellness, with over 35 years’ experience partnering with global and luxury hospitality brands.

Since 2012, Technogym has moved from a gym-centric approach with hospitality partners to a guest-driven one, predicting and meeting changes in consumer values.

“Working in partnership with Technogym allows brands to attract more consumers before they travel, through content-based experiences that are optimised with a collaborative approach.”

What might this look like? Engaging guests during their stay through multiple touchpoints, offering in-room fitness options, creating healthy conference solutions, and giving back to employees.

“The Technogym ecosystem can support the tech-savvy millennial or guests who prefer human interaction. Our bespoke design service could create an exciting unsupervised digital interaction, or meaningful face-to-face training experiences.”

Drive Revenue & Retention Through Fitness Experiences

It’s not just your guests who will benefit from an innovative approach to fitness and wellness in your hoteliers. As a brand, you can drive secondary revenue through these services.

“Creating a memorable fitness experience has obvious benefits for retention and brand visibility, but hotels can also promote these services as desirable membership options to create a solid source of secondary revenue.”

In 2021, the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park partnered with Technogym to expand its wellness offer, creating personalised in-room training options with Technogym Bike, Technogym MyRun and Technogym Bench plus a range of other fitness tools.

The space-savvy designs and luxe aesthetics of the equipment, with the cutting-edge connectivity, gives guests a unique and memorable fitness experience that meets their needs perfectly.

Jumeirah also partnered with Technogym at the flagship London Carlton Tower to maximise its use of health and fitness, refurbishing the gym, introducing a digital solution, and monetising the offer through external membership.

Technogym designed the layout concept and the digital ecosystem, installing the latest innovations in digital connectivity and equipment. 

The Future Of Fitness & Wellness

Technogym will be showcasing at the Hotel Leadership Conference 2022 as headline sponsors to present the wellness opportunities of 2022 through wellness solutions and opportunities. They look forward to networking with those who are attending and opening up conversations around key fitness trends and creating bespoke membership journeys.  

“The key fitness trends for 2022 will be high intensity exercise, group training, and performance training. Consumers are very aware of their health and wellbeing, and want to use fitness to connect with others as they push themselves. This will mean something different for everyone, so it’s important that hotels provide choice and variety.”

The future of wellness for the hospitality sector lies in engaging consumers through personalised content.

With Technogym App, this is completely taken care of by the world’s leading experts in consumer wellness, with a fully-integrated content experience designed and rolled out across every stage of your guest journey.

And with Technogym Live you can bring every touchpoint of your customer’s fitness experience right up to date with content delivered to their in-room TV screen, gym equipment console, or via the Technogym App so they can continue the experience at home.

“We are the only solution partner able to provide luxury digital content-based experiences at the highest level. Our 35 years of experience partnering with global brands means we can bring true innovation to each project through ideas, solutions, and equipment.”

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