Find out more Reactions to England Roadmap to Reopening

Following the Prime Minister's announcement of the England Roadmap to reopening, members of our Executive Committee have shared their reactions to the plans and how it will affect their businesses and teams. 

“Like my Master Innholder colleagues across the country, I listened very carefully to what the Prime Minister had to say in Parliament. There is no doubt that with the lifting of restrictions comes risk but we all realise we cannot stay in lockdown forever.   

“Across the UK our guests are desperate to return to our hotels, relax and enjoy all the facilities that we provide - we cannot wait to welcome them back across our thresholds. However, I would implore the Government to be very aware of the serious challenges which will continue to face the hotel sector over the next few months, especially hotels in London and other major cities. We cannot play our vital role within the community without continuing Government assistance to save thousands of jobs and once again provide the huge financial contribution we make to the British economy. I sincerely hope that Treasury plans now exist to extend the Business Rates Holiday for the full 2021/2022 financial year and that VAT remains at 5% for our sector. 

 “This country now knows just how vital a thriving Hospitality sector is to our way of life.” 

David Morgan-Hewitt MI FIH, Managing Director of The Goring & Chairman of the Master Innholders 

“Today’s Government announcement gives great hope that we are finally on the road to recovery and back to life as we once knew it.  Hospitality, however, has yet again been put to the back of the queue to reopen despite all the safety measures in place.  With a date for reopening hotels of no earlier than 17 May, it is still someway off before any recovery can start.” 

Kenneth Spiers FIH MI, Hotel Director, Lime Wood 

"The roadmap announcement is a terrible blow for us. We have to survive three more months with no work and no income. When nearly every other business in the country is able to reopen, I cannot understand the logic in punishing the hotel industry, especially given the fact that we managed to operate safely with social distancing restrictions last year. How will the government support hotels that are prevented from trading for three more months? Let's be clear, furlough supports our workforce, but it does not support our businesses. We will need grant aid again to make it through. What a desolate prospect for our future."

Serena von der Heyde FIH MI, owner of Georgian House Hotel and Victorian House Hotel

“I am genuinely frustrated that museums and retail can open before hotels, with our safety measures and social distancing that we have all put in place, we should be able to open hotels on 12 April as we are much safer than retail with our contactless check-ins, room service and minibars.
“That said I am very pleased that our restaurants and bars can start working on the rule of 6 again from 17 May and that the curfews and alcohol with a ‘substantial meal initiatives’ have been scrapped.
“I’m really delighted about all events being able to restart again from 21 June, a great result for those providing services for events, conferences and banqueting.

Sally Beck FIH MI, General Manager of the Royal Lancaster London