There are four courses available for award. You are given the opportunity to select your preferred course however this is not always guaranteed, and an alternative course may be offered.


Cranfield Talent Development Programme

Cranfield University, Buckinghamshire, UK

Overview of the Programme

This programme develops fast-track managers early in their careers, enabling them to make a wider, more credible business contribution. It will challenge participants to develop greater managerial visibility, credibility and maturity, raise their own organisational leadership, capability and influence, as well as add managerial value without formal authority and power.

Similarities between Developing General Management Potential and other programmes for young managers are superficial. It has an unconventional design with a strong personal development focus and it is this element that makes the programme so compelling. Managerial knowledge is translated into action through a powerful development process emphasising personal contribution, style and impact.

Benefits of the Programme

Participants develop greater personal awareness, managerial visibility and credibility. Specific benefits reflect the circumstances of each individual. Typically they include being able to:


Lausanne Executive Education Programme

École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

Overview of the Programme

Participants will be entitled to choose the modules of their preference. Lausanne will guide the candidate in their selection based on a quick evaluation of their career and training needs.

The Lausanne Executive Education Programme was created in 1981, stemming from the need to improve organisational competitiveness in the hospitality industry. Since then, the priority has been to adapt the programme to the market’s evolution and the participants’ future challenges. The courses are the result of permanent analysis and self-questioning, enabling constant refining and improving the purpose and the quality of the modules that are offered.

Taught by highly qualified module leaders and facilitators, the courses are held on the premises of the École Hôtelière de Lausanne and address executives in small-sized groups to ensure a high level of interaction and maximum learning.

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Overview of Example Modules

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The General Managers Programme at Cornell University

Cornell University, New York, USA

Overview of the Programme

The programme is for managers seeking relevant, specific and workable solutions to real-world, real-time demands. The General Managers Programme takes on strategic property-level issues with depth and precision, while challenging participants to learn from a new network of colleagues who bring a worldwide perspective to the table.

The programme is designed to mould decision-makers into strategic thinkers. Attendees will concentrate on hotel management issues and work collaboratively to expand the foundation of their knowledge, broaden their viewpoint and produce new solutions to the challenges they face.

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Specific areas of focus in the Programme


The Professional Development Programme at Cornell University

Cornell University, New York, USA

Overview of the course

The Professional Development Programme is a series of three-day courses offered on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York, USA. Courses are tailored toward hospitality professionals with a minimum of two years’ experience in the hospitality industry.

Students of the course will be given lifelong learning opportunities necessary to advance business and personal success.

Fields of study