Scholarships Eligibility

Is a scholarship for me?

The Master Innholder Scholarships have been designed to help hospitality management access further training opportunities. The scholarships are designed for both general managers and heads of department who demonstrate clear management potential. Applications are welcomed from anyone, regardless of where they work within the hotel sector, however, priority will be given to those
candidates who can demonstrate the greatest need of financial support. In this context, we recognise that small, independent businesses frequently lack the resources to train their management.

Do I need qualifications?

 We are more interested in your future potential than how well you did at school or university. There is no minimum level of qualification, academic or otherwise to be awarded a scholarship. However, each of the courses involves a sustained period of reflection and study and the assessors will want to be sure that you have the necessary aptitude to benefit from, and contribute to, this experience.

What about my communication and interpersonal skills?

Group study and interaction with fellow students is central to each course and the assessors will test whether you have the necessary communication and interpersonal skills by reviewing your written and verbal reasoning, competency and awareness of topical issues both within and beyond the hospitality industry.

What is required of me?

The assessors have a duty to ensure that each award achieves the overall objective of advancing management skills in the UK hospitality industry.

You must demonstrate a clear long-term commitment to the industry, its future, and to developing the people who work in it.