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Open to anyone seeking to develop their career and skillset within the ever-evolving hotel industry, the MIDAS hub provides free networking opportunities and educational content for young professionals.

A programme of monthly themed events and activities has been devised by the Master Innholders to provide professionals with knowledge and key skillsets needed within hotel roles, including resilience, operations management and personal effectiveness.

Each month professionals will have access to a virtual networking event, masterclass webinar held relating to the topic of the month, on-demand video content and a podcast interview with industry peers.

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Podcast: A Hoteliers Handbook

We are delighted to have launched our all-new educational podcast exploring the careers of amazing hotel professionals. Hosted by Ewen Thomas and Chris Tod, each episode covers a topical educational subject relevant to the industry today as part of the MIDAS programme.

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Beans Talk with Rob Ledward-Smith

Resilience with Klaudia Mitura 

Motivation with Dr Katherine Bond

Olympic Performance with Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE - part 1

Olympic Performance with Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE - part 2

Sales Strategies and Predictions with Kate Plowright

Lean Production Principles with Howard Wilcox and Dr Hilary Cooke

Principles of Mentoring with Dr Hilary Cooke

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Your short 'How-to' Video Guide

As part of the MIDAS programme we have also launched a dedicated series of ‘how-to’ videos to provide practical help to those in the industry. Linking to the most relevant themes each month, these videos will offer an alternative insight into a variety of topics and can be watched and digested at one's leisure as they complement our event programme. 

Staying Financially Fit - In episode 1 we were joined by Hospitality Action who shared with us their 7 steps for staying financially fit during COVID-19. Here we discuss ideas and inspiration for those within the industry who may be seeking further financial support as a result of redundancy or reductions in income.

The SCARF Model Explained - In episode 2 we provide a run through of the SCARF model by David Rock, how it applies to the Hotel Industry in 2021 and some tips on how to use the model to improve your resilience.

The MOTIVATION Concept - Episode 3 provides overview of what motivation is, some of the most popular theories and models and some tips on how to motivate yourself and others in 2021. 

PERFORMANCE Lessons by the MASTER INNHOLDERS - In episode 4 you will hear from some of the UK's leading hotel professionals about all things performance. Including how they perform and their best, how they help their teams do the same and their top tips for reopening.

Utilising LINKEDIN for BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Episode 5 hears from Kate Plowright, Founder of Selling Savvy who shares some lesser known LinkedIn tools and strategies for utilising LinkedIn for business development.

Using a FISHBONE DIAGRAM - Solving problems quickly to make things more efficient is a great way of improving performance as well as just making life easier. In this video we walk you through a simple model for diagnosing the causes of tricky problems that are making your life difficult.

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MIDAS Series 3 - Festival 4 Finance

30 June: Introduction to the Festival 4 Finance

Launch event with guest speakers to discuss the importance of knowing your numbers! Introduction to the arena4finance online resources for improving your hospitality financial knowledge.


7 July: Preparing a demand forecast for your hotel business in a post-pandemic world

In this session we will focus on the top line and consider the role of past, present and future data for preparing revenue forecasts in an ever-changing market environment. Our speakers will share their experience and provide you with tips for preparing your next revenue forecast.


14 July: Managing food costs in challenging times

In this session we will focus on one of the largest and fastest changing costs in the profit and loss account – the cost of food and beverage. Our expert speakers will discuss how to manage your F&B costs to maintain both profitability but also customer satisfaction.


21 July: Managing energy costs in a hospitality business

In this session our experts will discuss the impact of increasing energy costs on the profitability of the business and share their thoughts on how to manage this cost for the future.


MIDAS Series 2

2 November: 2022 - The Year to Develop Your Career

Join us at 4pm for our return and a brand new Career Development Webinar. Get hints and tips for how to build your hospitality career successfully and plan for 2022 to be your best year yet.

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22 November: MIDAS Mulls - How to Make the Most of Being Mentored

Join us at 4pm for a lively and informative panel discussion exploring how to find a mentor and also to get the most from a mentoring relationship.

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MIDAS Series 1

January: Money Matters

Watch our 'Money Matters' masterclass with Debra Adams from Arena4finance and learn about cashflow, profit and loss as well as some of Debra's ideas to help you and your hospitality business in the COVID era and beyond.


February: Personal Resillience & Wellbeing

Catch up on our Personal Resilience and Wellbeing Masterclass by Jules Murray from Spider on the Wall. In it, Jules discusses what resilience is and her 6 keys to developing yours.


March: Motivation "Rediscover Your Mojo"

Catch up on our Motivation Masterclass run by the fabulous Mary Jane Flanagan of mjinspire. Covering some basic motivational concepts, how to apply them and some other hints and tips for rediscovering your mojo.


April: Performance Under Pressure 

In this MIDAS Masterclass Dr. Katherine Bond and Dr Jonathan Males from Mezzana Partners share their experience of working with teams and leaders in Olympic sport and global businesses - who have successfully managed and delivered, sustainably, under pressure. 


May: The 7 Steps of Consultative Selling

During this masterclass, Kate from Selling Savvy runs us through the 7 steps of consultative selling and why it's such as affective tool.


July: Fix those front line frustrations - In this MIDAS masterclass Howard Wilcox and Serena von de Heyde discuss lean production methods, how they relate to hospitality and how they can be used to make work that little bit easier.